can be learned«

Stefan Kiefer,

The HONGKONG STUDIOS are an ideal place for creative inspiration. The tranquility and the spaciousness of the loft, with over 400 m² (over 4300 ft²) situated in the top story of a former warehouse, generates a unique and exceptional workspace — allowing creative powers to develop fully.

Here ideas, thoughts, and visions can soar up to the sky unfettered. Here you will think faster, more expansively, and — above all — differently. It is a perfect location for permitting something new to appear, grow, and thrive — a fertile soil for brainstorming sessions, creative meetings, or start-up events, far from the familiar everyday life at the office, but easy to reach from everywhere due to its central location.

The HONGKONG STUDIOS are located near the river Elbe in the highly popular and rapidly growing HafenCity of Hamburg, a stone’s throw from the Maritime Museum. There is a large parking garage (Elbarkaden) directly across from it, the subway line U4 (Überseequartier) or the bus line 111 (Shanghaiallee) can be reached by foot in five minutes, and downtown is also just ten minutes walking distance away.


Enough space for every occasion and every spirit.

The HONGKONG STUDIOS are well-tended grounds for the new and unconventional. Everything is in motion. Here your goals will be understood and their realization fostered.

This special location generates a sympathetic atmosphere conducive to creativity and letting go. The constraints of the everyday and the conventions of hierarchies are overcome to everyone’s satisfaction. Well-trodden paths of thought suddenly take new turns. Detours turn into express lanes: Thinking outside the box is actively fostered through the unique blend of impressions.

Here, creative work is done on a daily basis: A gallery forms the center of the large loft, Stefan Kiefer creates form in his graphic design studio, there is a yoga room tucked away in the back on the left, and — entirely hidden in the unanticipated depths of the sixth story — lies a complete recording studio and the rehearsal space of the band »HongkongFive«.

Why so much HONGKONG? Well, you can find us at Hongkongstraße 5 in Hamburg’s HafenCity.

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Creativity can be learned! And an invigorating and relaxed atmosphere does a lot to help. The HONGKONG STUDIOS are thus the ideal place for inspiring workshops in which you can playfully learn how to come up with unusual ideas.

Think Cover!: Creative Workshop by Stefan Kiefer


Book a freelance Creative Director.

Using surprising ideas to concisely present complex themes is Stefan Kiefer’s passion. His experience from 18 years designing covers as Cover Editor and Art Director at the German weekly »DER SPIEGEL« goes to show: Art and commerce can successfully complement one another — a million copies sold per week speak for themselves.

Book Stefan Kiefer as a freelance creative director or concept developer. He can work for you at his HONGKONG STUDIOS in the HafenCity or with you on site and also, if you would like, in direct collaboration with your employees. Or he can take over the complete production and assemble a tailor-made team of freelance professionals from within his network in order to provide a solution for your task.

Portfolio: Selection of SPIEGEL covers


They just want to play.

HongkongFive BandFor many years, the band »HongkongFive« has been rehearsing at the HONGKONG STUDIOS, in keeping with their motto: enjoy and bring joy. »HongkongFive« play their own pieces, which have developed out of highly diverse musical tastes between indie, prog rock and pop.

You can also book »HongkongFive« — regardless of whether it is for a private party or a major media event.

Listen: »A Time In Life« (10MB)


He just wants to groove.


In the early eighties, Stefan Kiefer was a jazz and jazz-rock DJ at the legendary »SHAVE« club in Hamburg and made his own contribution to the »Legendary Shave Sound«. As »Captain Shakti« he now regularly plays groove jazz as a DJ at cultural events, for example, at the opening of „Gute Aussichten–Young German Photography“ at Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen, but also at C/O Berlin, the international forum for photography in Berlin, or at design conferences like the qved 2014 & 2015 in Munich.

qved 2016: Saturday, 27. February 2016, Kongressbar/Alte Kongresshalle, Munich

Deichtorhallen Hamburg: »Good Prospects–Young German Photography«
C/O Berlin: International forum for photography in Berlin
qved 2014 & 2015: Design conference in Munich


Take up your positions.

An awareness that our creative batteries have to be deliberately cared for is a part of the HONGKONG spirit — because there is power in tranquility. Go for a pit stop in our yoga studio and replenish with exercises, meditation sessions, and ayurveda consultations under the direction of experienced yoga and meditation instructors.


Informations, course hours, prices (in German): Courses on a regular basis, Lunch Break Yoga, Early Bird Yoga – intensive or also relaxed


Amelie Kiefer
+49 173 168 3748


The mind behind it all.

Until 1996, he worked as an illustrator and art director for many well-known German and international publishing houses, agencies, and companies. After that, he was with the German news magazine »DER SPIEGEL« for 18 years, 13 of them as Chief Cover Editor and Art Director. In late 2014, he founded the HONGKONG STUDIOS in a former warehouse in the HafenCity Hamburg: a creative laboratory for workshops, graphic design, art, photography, music, and yoga spreading across over 400m² (over 4300 ft²).

+49 40 3037 6856

Hongkongstraße 3-5, 6. Boden
20457 Hamburg